Solex side drafts and mechanical or electric fuel pump

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Solex side drafts and mechanical or electric fuel pump

Post by gumby510 »

Hello all

So im installing my solex 40 side drafts on my l18 either this or next weekend. I just finished rebuilding them and I was planning on using my aeromotive convertible fuel pressure regulator that is currently setup for carbs. I was originally planning on going efi itbs but the longer I own the car the more I dont feel like over complicating it. The simplicity and experience was one of my original draws to the 510.

When I bought the car it came installed with a mallory electric fuel pump. The pump works fine but its loud and sense its age is unknown im looking to replace it with a new and quality pump. I was considering either the nismo electric fuel pump or going back to the factory mechanical pump.

There doesnt seem to be much if any advantages to the electric vs mechanical.

With the mechanical pumps are there any brands to look out for?

Just looking for some direction

Thanks guys
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Re: Solex side drafts and mechanical or electric fuel pump

Post by Tedman »

I've been running an AC Delco electric pump EP42S for years on my L20b dual 44phh setup without a pressure regulator. Very reliable (never had one fail, knock wood!) and totally quiet once the float bowls are filled at start up. I think the original app is for a gen 1 Camaro. Steve Top End Performance turned me on to this pump many years ago.
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Re: Solex side drafts and mechanical or electric fuel pump

Post by datzenmike »

Get a Nissan original pump, or a used one or one from Japan. My 710 came with the rinky dink after market pump. I found the original in a box in the back and put it on. It works just fine for the last 8K miles. PO must have had a fuel delivery problem and just shot from the hip and changed it... incorrectly it seems. I've never seen a bad L series pump. Unicorn
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