Dual choke cable SU carbs

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Dual choke cable SU carbs

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Hello, I searched for any relevant previous discussions on this, but no luck.

I am putting the SSS Hitachi/SU carbs on the 510 I am currently putting together. I have the choke cable, but wondering if the grommet sold for the 240Z setup work on the 510 also. Looks pretty straightforward, but I never see it advertised as such.

This is the one I am looking at, priced anywhere from $15 to $85 depending on which vendor and how much of a sucker you feel like today.
Z choke  grommet.jpg
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Any other suggestions appreciated.

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Re: Dual choke cable SU carbs

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Make it work.
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Re: Dual choke cable SU carbs

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You might check out mini and volvo sites - as they used dual su carbs as well.
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