Looking to get a rear LSD Diff, what ratio/config?

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Re: Looking to get a rear LSD Diff, what ratio/config?

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Any Subbie diff after 1990 uses the snap ring stub axle, which would require the custom snap ring stub axles made for the 510. Those diff's would also be R180, but they physically bolt in with the proper stub axles......no mods.

Datsun Comp did offer a clutch type LSD 4.11 R160 & R180, but they were only sold over the parts counter, never in a production car, so pretty rare.

1984-1989 Subbie R160 TURBO cars had clutch type 3.7 ratio LSD. You can also buy two diff's & combine them.........grab a 1984-1989 Subbie R160 4.11 OPEN diff (typically in the automatic Sedan's), swap the LSD unit out of the 3.7 into the 4.11 case........you may not need to set up backlash. If you swap the 4.11 ring & pinion into the 3.7 LSD case, you MUST set up backlash, or you will inevitably have premature wear & ruin it!

At some point, I think around 1990, Subbie changed the bolt size on the ring gear, so if you grab an early 84-89 & a later 90-up, pretty sure you would need to do some fab work to accommodate the necessary bolts.........
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