SR20 Radiator Suggestions

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Re: SR20 Radiator Suggestions

Post by HEATHEN » 20 Apr 2014 06:21

I also used the ron davis radiator. Very similar mounting brackets. Both intercooler and radiator from mckinney. My car is not running yet but it all fit.
I did need to modify the grill and the core support to get it in there. I am using a flex lite fan that sits off to the drivers side of the car. To not interfere with water pump pulley.

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Re: SR20 Radiator Suggestions

Post by akara » 26 May 2014 13:38

I used a 120$ cxracing radiator along with their intercooler.
I live in southern california desert where it gets very hot, but I only need a single 12" ebay fan to keep my engine cool, so I would say the radiator works well.
Even with the intercooler blocking most of the radiator it works great.

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