diesel swap, LD20 turbo - thoughts?

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Re: diesel swap, LD20 turbo - thoughts?

Postby jon510 » 24 May 2014 00:59


I found it on my daily CL searching. I think I lucked out by sending the right email to the guy, I clearly wasn't the only one interested. I think he was reassured by the fact that I've been into 510s for a while and wanted a project, not something to drive into the ground. He was clearly attached to the wagon.

I'm now the 4th owner. It comes with the original Hugh Rider badge and has always been a BC car, it's been off the road since 2007 and was up in Grand Forks for a while previously. It's yellow, but barely. I seem to have an affinity to yellow 510s, this is number 3 of 5. I don't think it will stay yellow forever.

I will start a build page shortly. I plan to start stripping it and pulling the engine over the next couple weeks. Not sure when the new engine will arrive (if ever). I find the dogleg tranny a bit hard to figure out where 2nd and 4th are so maybe I'll just pull it from the get go. If the engine doesn't pan out perhaps I'll consider the electrical powerplant route, but that's a huge project. Rockers and fenders will have to go, I think most of the other rust is mainly surface. Hopefully.

I cleaned out the garage today so it's ready to get parked. One more day of driving that loud magnaflow exhaust before it all comes apart.....

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Re: diesel swap, LD20 turbo - thoughts?

Postby okayfine » 24 May 2014 06:50

A wagon with swastikas, you can't go wrong!

My first 510:
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Re: diesel swap, LD20 turbo - thoughts?

Postby wagoneer » 21 Nov 2014 22:26

Curious too about diesel motors. I wonder about vw turbo diesels and other newer tdi's ; seems economically of interest and for pulling small loads. I also wonder how diesel car owners deal with the lack of fueling stations after the novelty wears off; how much of impact the inconvenience has on lifestyle. And other questions...

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