510 SR20DET S13 CX racing parts

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510 SR20DET S13 CX racing parts

Post by iracer » 01 Sep 2014 08:39

I am starting a SR20 engine swap and have been looking for the best parts for this. I see that CX racing has many parts so would like to know the members recomendations. They have an 11gauge exhaust manifold so do I need this or just the regular one? Do their radiator and intercooler fit with minimal problems ?

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Re: 510 SR20DET S13 CX racing parts

Post by okayfine » 01 Sep 2014 11:01

iracer wrote:I am starting a SR20 engine swap and have been looking for the best parts for this
Best parts would be Datsport's fit kit.
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Re: 510 SR20DET S13 CX racing parts

Post by PoorMtnKid » 02 Sep 2014 08:09

I personally have their T25/28 turbo manifold. There was an issue with one of the exhaust stud holes not lining up so I had to get my dremel and open it up until it would fit. He also include hardware to mount the turbo, just throw those out and go get some studs and nuts from frsport.com. Makes the install much easier. I have put about 6 track days on the manifold and no cracks, so I guess its holding up pretty good as of now.
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Re: 510 SR20DET S13 CX racing parts

Post by akara » 27 Dec 2014 17:55

the mounting position of sr20 engines isnt always the same between 510s, the CX racing turbo manifold works well for clearing the steering box, but the downpipe hit my firewall so I just made a different one. The manifold I got was made well with thick metal but their downpipe was very thin metal
The cx racing intercooler only fits '68 '69 cars that have a notch where the front frame rails meet the radiator support. If you have a 70+ like I do you will have to cut and box in the frame to fit it properly.
The cx racing radiator fits well but you will need a custom water outlet neck on the engine to get a hose on there without it crimping.
I got one of their Greddy imitation intake manifolds and the machining was off for the injector ports so i had to tweak my fuel rail a little and it still gives a boost leak around the injectors.

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