Vg30-33 question

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Vg30-33 question

Postby lovememydatsun » 10 Feb 2016 15:43

After installing jet stage 2 cams and cam gears, porting and polishing the heads, installing headers around how much hp would the engine have on the wheels? Any people with dyno sheets they can post up?

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Re: Vg30-33 question

Postby Hakosuka510 » 15 Feb 2016 18:00

It's difficult to throw out a horsepower estimate without some specifics...
VG30E (single cam heads) or VG30DE (dual cam heads)?
What are the actual specs (lift & duration) of the cams? Everyone's "stage" scale is different...
If it's a DE, which intake manifold are you using?
Port work is great, but polishing of head ports does almost nothing (and can actually be worse), unless you mean cleaning up extreme roughness of the initial port work.
Stock ECU, stock injectors, stock compression?

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Re: Vg30-33 question

Postby okayfine » 16 Feb 2016 05:55


And you'll need to decide on your displacement. The 33 gives a nice bump to output.
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