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KA24DE - 2000 Nissan Frontier

Posted: 28 Mar 2019 15:02
by Roc1479
I was wondering if anyone has done a swap using the KA24DE out of a 2000 Nissan Frontier. I've attached a pic.

If you have, are there any difficulties? if so, what did you do to overcome them?

I have a 72 4dr 510.


Re: KA24DE - 2000 Nissan Frontier

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 16:33
by Edm620
I'm interested in your choice of engine for the swap. Why did you choose that engine? I'm yet undecided what motor will end up powering my '76 620.

Re: KA24DE - 2000 Nissan Frontier

Posted: 01 Jul 2019 14:12
by yenpit
We too have wondered if this Frontier engine will work in our 510 swaps, cuz they are pretty plentiful at this point! I bet this Frontier DE twin cam longblock is the same, but the intake plenum assembly & throttle body are likely NOT a good choice, especially since we haven't read anywhere that the wiring has been figured out.....?? The 240SX DE's are getting harder to find, cuz the drift guys & other swap guys are using them up! But, if you can find a good Frontier DE & a good 240SX DE complete intake ECU & wiring, might work out nicely..............?? Following this one!


Re: KA24DE - 2000 Nissan Frontier

Posted: 01 Jul 2019 17:13
by datzenmike
You can easily enough make and bolt on an aluminum adapter plate to replace the throttle body and mount a Weber carburetor on a truck intake. All that's needed then is to remove the CAS and slip an L20B EI distributor and spindle in. You need to drill and tap the second bolt hole for this. There you have it, connects to the car's electrical system and no EFI to bother with.

]2eYeDe (Steve) on Ratsun sells a KA engine mount kit for trucks.