Nissco and APC

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Nissco and APC

Post by tr6racer21 » 14 Nov 2013 19:08

I just today ordered a rear lamp panel from Dave at Futo Fab. Couldn't be any better timing as my 4dr Dime goes to the fabricator in a couple of weeks. This is the worst panel on the car with a close second the left rear lower quarter. I will be getting a hood and front fenders from Dave when they come in after the first of the year. Until then I am lacking a drivers rear quarter repair panel. I have been thinking about ordering a piece from Down Under and have looked at both pieces from Nissco and APC. Has anyone had any experience with either outfit in regards to fit and needed tweeking, as well as quality of metal, and shipping costs. If I go with the APC repair section I might also order the rear under seat repair pans.


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