Looking for 2-circuit Door switch part number

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Looking for 2-circuit Door switch part number

Post by J.T.L. » 17 Dec 2013 17:42


I checked in carpartsmanual and I found the single circuit door pin switch that activates the dome light
That works for the passenger side door (and I added 2 for the rear doors).

But I can't find the part number for the 2 circuit switch for the drivers side that works the dome light and buzzer(?). I see some on ebay, but I think $87.99, plus shipping, for 2 $9 switches is price gouging just a bit. Anyone have the part number?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Looking for 2-circuit Door switch part number

Post by okayfine » 18 Dec 2013 05:58

The Parts Catalog shows the door switch, but doesn't differentiate between sides of the car.

25360-89901 SWITCH DOOR

The Parts Catalog I have is mostly for the early cars, perhaps the late cars got it?
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Re: Looking for 2-circuit Door switch part number

Post by Chadsinto510s » 18 Dec 2013 07:45

Ok, my cataloging shows 3 possible numbers of qty 2 each.
-06/1969 25360-89901 which changes to 25360-N4400 and has 2 wires

07/1969-12/1971 25360-89910 which changes to 25360-B6000 and has 2 wires

-01/1972 25360-89915 which is NLA and I have no idea how many wires it had.

There was a 3 wire 240 z switch too but it's NLA also. I suppose one could solder the extra wires needed on to a switch?

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