Fuse Box Knob Retrofit

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Fuse Box Knob Retrofit

Post by 2DoorJim » 29 Jul 2016 14:46

I thought I'd post this as others may be interested.

Somewhere I read a post about an alternate fuse box knob, may have been on Ratsun.

The post showed a part number for a Lexus dash panel anchor. My local Lexus dealer parts guy had to bring it in so I ordered four while I was at it, in case anyone local needed one. $6 each.

I worked the old knob out and pushed the new one into place. The new one has a different relief which causes the knob to wobble around when the fuse cover is removed, but the anchor won't fall out. When the cover is installed onto the fuse box it's secure and works perfect in my opinion.
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The parts guy at the Lexus dealer has a early honda civic and he said he wanted to see my car. When I came to pick up the knobs I brought my 510. I ended up being at the dealer for over an hour and it felt like every employee from the dealership came out to see my car, sometimes a group of about 10 people milling about. Certainly all the service techs and a few shirt and tie types as well. The questions went on and on, I finally had to leave to pick up my wife from work. I've never had a car which garnered this type of attention.

I also did my very first car show earlier this year, after much encouragement from a friend. That went over good as well.

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Re: Fuse Box Knob Retrofit

Post by Hakosuka510 » 06 Aug 2016 06:18

That's freaking cool. Mad props for this.

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Re: Fuse Box Knob Retrofit

Post by Stoney » 22 Jan 2017 20:17

Went to my local Toyota place in Australia, and they are useless, I know because I worked there for 3 months then left, but they were unable to find the part number which didn't surprise me.

Typical response of them needing a VIN.

Anyway, do you have any left? Would you post one to Australia?

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Re: Fuse Box Knob Retrofit

Post by 2DoorJim » 23 Jan 2017 06:18

I'll see if Canada post will accept it as a letter. They have a test slot that the envelope has to fit through, hope it goes.

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Re: Fuse Box Knob Retrofit

Post by zKars » 23 Jan 2017 08:08

Too Cool. Bet it works on the Z fuse box lids too.

Post to Auzzie land is cheap. I sent a smallish box with two Z hood vents and hood emblem by the cheapest (ground??) method to Melbourne and it cost under $8. Took 6 weeks, but it got there!

That test slot is 1 cm high I think.... Might JUST make it...

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Re: Fuse Box Knob Retrofit

Post by andrew.lori » 23 Jan 2017 15:56

Just put a small O ring on it before you install... should tighten it up nicely.
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Re: Fuse Box Knob Retrofit

Post by Colbino » 23 Jan 2017 20:12

I'm not local, but I could use one! LMK the details.

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