Am I missing something?

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Am I missing something?

Postby Button » 03 Oct 2016 14:49

I am finally getting around to reinstalling my gauge cluster with a Speedhut gauge overhaul but the gauge housing is hitting the brake bracket/dash support. Hopefully you can see in the photos but the underside on the left hits as it angles up in the back and I can't get the gauges to sit flat against the four screw holes on the dash frame. As you can see I started notching the back panel of the gauge cluster to make it fit, and while that has helped get it closer it is still a ways off. What am I missing? Are there spacers that go between the gauge cluster and the dash frame? Did I install the brake bracket/dash support incorrectly? I am at a loss.

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Re: Am I missing something?

Postby RMS » 03 Oct 2016 15:06

there are no spacers on the original equipment. sometimes you just have to hold your mouth right to get the cluster to drop in. with the amount of tail on your indicator lamps I will assume your harness is not sitting right. the plugs on the flashers and the routing of the speedo cable can play into the fitment of the cluster. are you attempting insertion with the speedo cable connected ? for me its always bottom in first then tilt the top into position.
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