Rear window latch issue

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Rear window latch issue

Post by Button » 15 Oct 2016 14:53

Hey guys, I finally installed one of the rear windows on my 72 after painting it and replacing the rubber but when I go to latch it shut it doesn't "snap" closed and form a tight seal. I can press the latch down so it's almost tight but it springs back and stays in a loose state and would probably rattle if I was to drive it since it's not really closed. The hinges or pivots on all the latch joints are pretty sloppy, do I need to rebuild the latches or get new ones? Even with them being sloppy it still seems like they should snap in to their locked position.

I think I have them installed right. Is it a matter of adjustment of window height or anything? Anyone have any experience with this?



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Re: Rear window latch issue

Post by MikeY » 15 Oct 2016 15:47

Fwiw. I just installed new latches on a car I've restored. I hadn't owned a 2 dr in years. I reused the old rubbers but when I went to try and close the window it didn't seem to want to snap closed. I was afraid I was going to break something. But I finally pushed it harder than I wanted too and it snapped closed. That's where I'm leaving it. The car is for my son and I told him the latch was decorative and to leave it closed. As a kid with a 2 dr I remember driving with them open and having the window bouncing around was an easy way to break a latch. So maybe just push a little bit harder.

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