Alternative Modern Wiper Motor Conversions

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Re: Alternative Modern Wiper Motor Conversions

Postby BackPackSaddler » 22 Apr 2017 20:56

Nice write up! All I need now is to know how to wire it up and I'll be doing this to my 4 door!

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Re: Alternative Modern Wiper Motor Conversions

Postby Tedman » 22 Jul 2017 20:42

So I received my Integra wiper motor from Rockauto today, p/n WPM5423 ordered for a 1999 Acura Integra. You can see that it's a little different compared to the one Spriso posted above. The gear cover is plastic and there's external wire junctions on the cover, whereas Spriso's has a metal cover and no external wire junctions. Also, the wire colors are different.


I suspect the differences are aftermarket (Rockauto made in China) vs. OE, and this may be a Honda version because I found a Del Sol wiper motor schematic online (sorry no link, I just wrote it down), and the wire colors and pinouts agree with this motor. Here's how the connector is wired for this motor:


By inspecting Spriso's photos and comparing, you can see that the wire mapping goes like this:

Viewing into the mating end of the male motor connector, and using the following pin numbering convention,
1 2 3
4 5
the pin assignments would be:

Pin, Function, Integra, Del Sol, 510:
1, HI, Blue/Yellow, Yellow, Blue/White (LW)
2, LO, Blue, Green, Blue (L)
3, GND, Blk, Blk, Blk (B)
4, PWR, Green/Blk, Red, Blue/Red (LR)
5, PARK, Blue/White, White, Blue/Yellow (LY)

Now for the unexpected surprise: The 510 wiper motor mounting plate bolts right up, no clearancing required! You can see in the second pic that it is close to interfering in a couple of spots, but it clears!


Here I've attached the 510 arm, and temp installed it on the car:

Now I just need to obtain a factory 510 motor male connector (my donor motor's connector is sadly perished), and wire it up. With the requisite serviceable donor 510 wiper motor parts, this is a true bolt on upgrade. A minor miracle, actually...

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Re: Alternative Modern Wiper Motor Conversions

Postby zKars » 23 Jul 2017 06:32 has your connector shell and pins. Great find. Thank you.

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