Free to good home, local only

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Free to good home, local only

Post by bertvorgon » 23 Jul 2017 16:11

In cleaning out my STUFF, I found these two coils of steel braided hose.

What is cool as they were water lines from a Boeing 737..or something like that, that I bought from Boeing surplus back in the early 80's. They have a rubber or teflon type lining. I used some larger ones to run my electrical wire through in my cockpit for all my switches and used electrical connectors to join on the box.

The picture shows my main line.

Free to anyone that wants or can use them.
IMGP7499 (Small).JPG
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IMGP2561 (Small).JPG
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Re: Free to good home, local only

Post by loungin112 » 23 Jul 2017 20:45

That's ingenuity right there. Too bad I'm not local. Someone should be able to use industrial-grade lines for something.

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