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upgrade alternator

Posted: 12 Nov 2017 04:12
by 510Wagon71

Im considering to upgrade my alternator to a IR type that delivers more AMP.

I have read about the wireing that needs to be changed, and it sounds like its easy enough..
BUT, i have asked and looked around in the nearby junkyards and cant find a alternator that fits, so it seems that i have to buy online.
And then i want to be sure that i buy one that fits and delivers enough AMP. (maybe 70ish)

Im after a alternator that is bolt on besides the wireing.
What alternator should i go for?
Is a Hitachi-LR160 a good option ?
Anyone know a part number or a place that i can buy one that is bolt on?

Re: upgrade alternator

Posted: 12 Nov 2017 20:13
by datzenmike
LR 160 is only 60 amp while the stock 510 was 33/35. Most later Datsuns into the mid '80s were 50/60 amp. These will just bolt on no changes.

The one wire Saturn alternator also bolts on. May have to modify the adjusting strap.

The Hardbody alternators retained the V pulley into the mid '90s. They are 80 or 90 amp. for a stable supply for the EFI. I have a 240sx KA alt on my L18 in my 710 sedan. Had to swap the V pulley onto it and splice in the two wire connector for the sense and charge lamp.

Re: upgrade alternator

Posted: 14 Nov 2017 13:54
by RMS
if your in the junk yard check out the subaru dl dg loyal and early legacy for the 60 to 120amp hitatchi and dont forget to take the T plug.

Re: upgrade alternator

Posted: 16 Nov 2017 16:18
by defdes
The wagons didn't have IR alternators though, correct?
So you will have to bypass the voltage regulator.

Re: upgrade alternator

Posted: 16 Nov 2017 18:48
by RMS
all my dl gl and loyals had ir alts ?