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72' 510 Horn Wiring / Momo Corse Wheel Assy

Posted: 09 Mar 2018 12:52
by BrianE
Looking for guidance in so far as the proper wiring interconnect of a 72' 510 horn to an aftermarket Momo Corse horn button / steering wheel / hub assy.

To be clear, I am a complete newb electrical wise. I do have the colored wiring diagram for the 510 sedan and it seems to align with the horn circuit as I compare the diagram to what I am seeing in the engine compartment and over at the turn indicator/Hi-Lo/Horn connector located on the column. For what it's worth, Fuse box has been given a thorough vinegar bath mid 2017. The following all function properly...., turn indicator, emergency flashers, Hi-Lo lights, Dome light, heater switch, 2 speed wipers and gauges.

Horn is physically mounted on the driver's side

ImageUntitled by Brian H2012_iPhoto, on Flickr

Solid green wire diving into a harness and reappearing at the stock 3 wire (GY, G & B) relay located on the passenger side in front of the fuse box
ImageUntitled by Brian H2012_iPhoto, on Flickr

Upon removing the horn button/steering wheel/hub from the column, I find this.....

ImageUntitled by Brian H2012_iPhoto, on Flickr

Separating the button from the wheel, I find this (note: I disconnected the red wire/spade from the horn button to better show that it appears as if 1 of it's 2 original leads has been cut and removed???.....

ImageUntitled by Brian H2012_iPhoto, on Flickr

So...., recommendations on how to proceed from here would really be greatly appreciated. Thanks!