Mazda Wiper motor swap link

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Mazda Wiper motor swap link

Post by 510tdi » 14 Apr 2018 10:41

Just in time for the dry season (I hope!) but better Nate than lever! ;^)
I looked all over for Kelvin's old how-to on installing the Mazda 626 wiper motor, couldn't find it, so went and picked up an Integra motor. Wouldn't you know I found an old note-to-self with the web-site this morning. I hope this helps someone. ... motor.html

Shout out to Kelvin!

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Re: Mazda Wiper motor swap link

Post by okayfine » 15 Apr 2018 09:44

Seems like a good time to remind about The 510 Archives, and specifically the DQ backissue folder: ... 1YjU1/edit
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