New from Sunny South Africa

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Re: New from Sunny South Africa

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Great progress! She is looking very clean underneath!!! Well done, sir!
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Re: New from Sunny South Africa

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A very shiny undercarriage indeed. Lovely stuff.
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Re: New from Sunny South Africa

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greenthumb wrote: 22 Feb 2021 06:06 Getting close for its maiden voyage!
Carry on
hop so , i am doing this as i know once the thing starts and moves under its own power, i am going to test drive it.
bled the brakes last night, needs some more bleeding , the pedal still has a little sponge in it but all 4 corners are working, and all the lines seem to stay dry.

i am still waiting for the head to come back( takes a while as it is a favor ),next i will put the block/gearbox back in to measure for the prop shaft.
once the head is back, i need to do the oil lines for the vvl relocation block.

and i still need to find new shocks for the rear :x
Progress is slow, but it is progress non the less.
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