New from Sunny South Africa

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Re: New from Sunny South Africa

Post by Heinrich » 07 Feb 2020 04:06

small update.
the car is still with the panel beaters, and they are making progress it is just very very slow.

also opened the big end bearings on the SR to check condition and they look basically new.
then completely assembled the motor, added oil and got oil pressure without much hassle.

the ecu destined for this car is proving to be difficult, have not been able to get communication between ecu and pc at all.
so i am exploring a different option now witch unfortunately means no more e throttle.

where would be a good place in your/other peoples experience to mount the ecu on the inside of the car(mine is a RHD) keeping in mind the loom comes through the fire wall where the old handbrake cable use to go through.

the fuel pump unit and tank is also finished, together with the new filler neck and pipes using a newer nissan filler cap.
will try and finish the xmember with the R200 setup and prepare the pieces for the prop shaft before i get the car back.
also still a small interference issue with the rivits on the clutch and the flywheel bolts, but that should be a simple fix .
Progress is slow, but it is progress non the less.

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