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First post...

Post by slowerthantime » 06 Mar 2017 21:27

Hey Realm, I grew up driving (abusing) 1600's in Australia. Now, many years later, I'm in the Okanagan building the car that I dreamed of back then.

I bought a car that has been lost in project hell for too long. From the 510 BC decal on the window, it was probably owned by someone in this community when it last ran. It's a blue 1970 2 door with a serious rust problem. Many of the old repairs were left unpainted and are now more science project than car...I'm about 18 months in and not giving up on it.

On the positive side, the as advertised stock L16 is actually an L20B block with a V912 head with electronic ignition, competition sump and a few other goodies like twin side draft 45 Webers, roadster clutch and a dogleg gearbox.


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Re: First post...

Post by McShagger510 » 07 Mar 2017 23:54

Welcome to the site and PLEASE post some pictures of the car. I may have old pics when the car was in better condition. A bunch of us on here have been long time members of the 510 Club of BC so chances are we'll know the car. Too cool!

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Re: First post...

Post by slowerthantime » 08 Mar 2017 16:41

This is the day I picked it up.

Since then progress has been a bit sporadic. I'm trying to use metal wherever possible. So far fixed a bunch of rust in the engine bay, corners of the windscreen and front of the car. I'm working my way down the passenger side: refurbished door hinges, replaced rockers, repaired floors (although now I think I will just replace them), installed new wheel house. About to get into the trunk floor drops. I purchased a set of Wolfe Steel replacement 1/4's some time ago but they are a poor fit, so looking for better alternatives. BTW, the guy at Wolfe was great about offering a refund. He says their new panels are better...

The goal is to build a solid all rounder with the occasional track day in mind. Plan is to keep it original look and L series.
(Who knows, if I get some rich friends I might get a lap or 2 on the new track in Osoyoos!)

Looks like I'm doing OK for parts. Have 280zx struts waiting to be set up. Need a rear brake set up, rad and assorted bushings, hoses and other bits and pieces. I have a new Subi R160 4.11 open diff but will keep looking for a LSD.

Thanks to all the contributors to the site. So much great info.

Can't wait to get it on the road. ... w&id=41650
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