New member with very rusty 510

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New member with very rusty 510

Post by Hix85 » 12 Mar 2017 10:16

Hello Everyone, I'm in Cleveland Ohio area and picked up a 1972 4 door 510 from another state with out seeing it in person only photos. The guy said it had very little rust and never been in a crash!! boy was I dum@$$ to trust that! So this project will take a long time, I will get some photos together to see what Im dealing with.

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Re: New member with very rusty 510

Post by okayfine » 12 Mar 2017 17:16

Hello and welcome to The Realm. If you could put your location in your profile, that'll help us know where you are once you move beyond this thread.

You may want to fully evaluate your project before spending much on it. Rusty 510s can certainly be saved, but very rusty cars generally are way big money sinks compared to buying in a car that needs little/no body work. Unless you LIKE doing rust repair:)

Post up pictures when you get 'em.
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