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new(est member)?

Post by JimITC510 » 28 May 2017 11:52

I hail from the Florida Keys and have recently renewed my SCCA race license after an eight year break. I used to race a 240 Z in the northeast and am now racing a 71 510 in the ITC class with my racing partner - Jennifer. Had some issues with a total rebuild of the car from a relatively clean shell due to the first car being wrecked in an autocross. Car is now relatively reliable and am looking forward to running the SARRC and Florida Cup series. :D Anyone with any idea on where to obtain a transmission pan gasket for a 4 speed?

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Re: new(est member)?

Post by WxMan » 28 May 2017 17:05

Welcome! Lets see some photos of your 240z and 510!

Can you not get that gasket through a dealer down there? I got one from a Nissan dealer in Canada not too long ago.

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