New member, Ontario, Canada

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New member, Ontario, Canada

Post by Dawson_de » 20 Jun 2017 11:38

Alittle over a decade ago I wanted a 510 and I finally took the plunge about picked up a 71 510 sedan in need of some serious work.

I've been a long time lurker here on the boards and finally joined. I'm also looking for some odd parts that I'm having trouble with..... Like a gas door.

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Re: New member, Ontario, Canada

Post by DADZSUN » 20 Jun 2017 13:15

Wow, two new Ontario 510 member in 2 days!

Welcome to the Realm. You'll find this forum extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Where are you located?
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Re: New member, Ontario, Canada

Post by datzenmike » 20 Jun 2017 19:15

Dawson .... completly fill out your profile. For all we know you're in Wawa land.
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