Intro of SDWitness

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Intro of SDWitness

Post by SDWitness » 20 Jun 2017 22:05

I have a '69 Datsun 510 2-door. It has a 1.6L with SSS kit (cam, SU carbs, intake, etc.). Other mods include: Koni shocks; BRE (I think) springs; Corbeau racing bucket with 4 point harness; Roll bar; Completely custom dash with full Stewart-Warner mechanical guages (except for electrical tach); Headers; rear fender flares, and a whole lot more (for instance, I installed a roadster 5-spd. trans, but it's apart right now awaiting a rebuild). I also have a pair of flared fiberglass front quarter panels for it, but I'm waiting until I get it repainted to install them.

The car has been in storage for about 30 years, gathering dust (and rust). It was a great slalom, road rally, and road car in its day. I hope to be able to break it out of mothballs soon and get everything back together and working again. Perhaps becoming a member of this board will motivate me in that direction.

BTW: I currently live in the Seattle, WA area. However, there's a high likelyhood that I'll be moving in the next few months as my career dictates. The car is in storage in Eureka, CA.


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Re: Intro of SDWitness

Post by Byron510 » 21 Jun 2017 05:31

Sounds like a great time capsule. Welcome to the Realm, love to see some photos of the car, hopefully you'll find the needed inspiration here to not only get you started, but also to get the parts you may need.

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