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A Big HI! from Big Sky Alberta

Posted: 10 Dec 2017 13:42
by Rat-a-tat-Datt
Greetings and salutations everyone,
Datto owners are truly the happiest drivers out there. Wether they drive, ride or gluide over numerous surfaces, we can count on one thing for sure and it is their tenacity to ensure their "pride and joy" stay on the road. Maintaining any vehicle is crucial to a successful journey and we do that by congregating our resources. Here, on this site, were able to buy, sell, or trade for any part or parts we need to accomplish a simple or more difficult tasks.
I am a Datsun owner too, maybe not in the 510 series but near enough to know that I'm amongst relatives of metal, glass and rubber. Albeit a distant cousin but family all the same.
I hope to spend more time here and share a few great stories over the next couple of years, maybe more. With everyones enthusiasm and gregarious input, hopefully my project can be included amongst all of the successful ones here on "the 510realm".
I have a 1980 720KC and presently am doing an engine upgrade to its existing L20B.
Head work, definitely.
New intake, absolutely.
Re-carb, goes without saying.
Establishing a starting point and hope to expand upon it once I've accumulated the necessary cash and time to complete phase one!
Pictures will arrive once the brain figures out how to post them, lol.
Take care all, from Calgary, Alberta.

Re: A Big HI! from Big Sky Alberta

Posted: 18 Dec 2017 18:54
by two_68_510s
Howdy, 1980 720KC, good truck. I am doing the L series in my 510 as well more like 2300 or so when done. Welcome!

Re: A Big HI! from Big Sky Alberta

Posted: 18 Dec 2017 23:31
by Byron510
L20B’s in a 720 are pretty rare. From what I’ve read this engine was used only for 6 months. A friend had a short box 4x4 in red, and other had a long box 4x4 in blue. Those are the only 2 L motor 720’s I’ve ever seen.

Welcome and post pics.