Joined to sell my 510 2 door

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Joined to sell my 510 2 door

Post by scuppernongwine » 15 Jan 2018 18:08

Hey guys, thanks for letting me join. I'm a lifetime car enthusiast. Mostly into sports car and VWs for many years. I've had a few handfuls of prewar Fords and others and some race cars and micro cars and other junk. Somewhat 510 related, I actually spent a lot of time driving my brothers early 1970s Datsun truck in the late 1980s until one fateful night when a dirt embankment jumped out in front of me (but that is another story altogether) Anyways, I like to wheel and deal in cars and my British car mechanic is an 70ish year old SCCA mechanic whose daily/only driver was a 510. He was the sole mechanic at a shop here in Atlanta back in the day that dealt with mostly British cars with the occasional Japanese car. Oh yeah, besides racing Sprites and Spitfires, they also raced a couple of 240Z's. Well, a year or two ago on the way home from my shop he got in a bad accident and the car was totalled. I bought a 510 so we could swap the parts from his wrecked car over but he is not really up to it and I'm going to be leaving my shop space soon so....time to sell. I googled around and found this website. Again, thanks for letting me join up and please no hard feelings if my next posting is a classifieds listing. Cheers.

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Re: Joined to sell my 510 2 door

Post by qwik510 » 18 Jan 2018 03:32

Welcome. I may be interested in your car. You can call, text or email me.


Enjoy The Ride!

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Re: Joined to sell my 510 2 door

Post by Beegle17 » 20 Jan 2018 13:41

I am also interested in knowing more about what you have for sale.
Where are you located?

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Re: Joined to sell my 510 2 door

Post by B^2 » 26 Jan 2018 09:16

Are you trying to sell it complete or parting it out?

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