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New Owner Intro- 1969 2-Door 510

Posted: 07 Mar 2018 12:12
by Wooger
Hey Realm, I've been a fan of 510's for a while and finally purchased my first dime about six months ago in the form of a mostly complete 69 2-door. I thought it was in decent shape, but I've put a decent amount of work into the car since taking ownership.

The car came with a ka24de from an S14 which ran well when i test drove the car, but i found out the wiring was a total hack job and cold starts were a major challenge. After weeks of diagnosis (mostly just weekends) i ended up having to pretty much re-wire the can-am box, replace the ECU and relocate the MAF/intake to the other side of the engine bay. Engine runs nice and strong now.

Front suspension and brakes were already from a 280zx which I've kept for now besides replacing the inserts with a set of Tokico blues. I have however swapped the rear drums with some new Wilwood disc units and also installed a a set of QA1/Eibach coilovers in the back. The BMC was also upgraded to a dual circuit unit at the same time.

The body is pretty straight all things considered, but not perfect by any means. I stripped all the panels down to metal to figure out what i was working with and it turns out i just have some minor rust spots on the rockers and lower rear quarters. I'll get these repaired when I get around to final paint and body. Other minor rust areas were sanded/ground down and treated with Master Series coating. All the seals with exception of the front and back windshields were replaced while i was at it. I finished the car off with black epoxy primer for the time being. I actually kinda dig the look haha. The black primer coupled with 15 inch Southern Ways Epsilon wheels gives it an old school low-rider look. :lol:

The R160 VLSD (4.11) in the back is holding up for the time being, will probably swap out when it finally gives out. I recently replaced all the u-joints as well as the front wheel bearings (rear bearings are on the to-do list). Currently i have the front suspension apart while i replace all the ball joints, rod ends and idle arm bushing. I'll also be installing a set of adjustable TC rods, RCA's and idle arm braces while i have everything apart.

Just wanted to thank this community for all the knowledge being shared and I look forward to contributing wherever i can.

Re: New Owner Intro- 1969 2-Door 510

Posted: 08 Mar 2018 19:47
by two_68_510s
Hello and welcome, looks like you have a great handle on the 510 challenge! Not too bad in the rust department, of course all we have are verbal reports from the owner and they might be bias! ;) How about some progress pics? And the boring bit about where do you live? It does help going forward, you might have a guy with parts right around the corner.

Re: New Owner Intro- 1969 2-Door 510

Posted: 09 Mar 2018 07:56
by Wooger
Thanks for the welcome Joel, not sure if i have a great handle on the 510, just learning as i go along. You are absolutely correct about the biased verbal reports from the previous owner. "Light surface rust" would not be what I'd use to describe the condition, but oh well. It could have been worse!

I'll be posting some pics once I figure out how to get around this Photobucket fiasco....smh. Also, I'm located in sunny southern California!

Re: New Owner Intro- 1969 2-Door 510

Posted: 09 Mar 2018 09:08
by Byron510
Welcome - we'll look forward to seeing your photos.

Keeping the image under 250 kb, we'll host your photos here directly on the site.
If you are PC based and need to make the p[hotos smaller, I have simply used a free add on called an Image Resizer. It used to part of the MS PowerToys package, but now is just a freeware designed by some good Samaritan and can be had here;

It's really easy as it embeds itself in your right click window on your mouse.
Hope that helps, look forward to your posts.