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Sacramento New Guy

Post by dgale914 » 18 Apr 2018 15:53

Hey guys, My name is Doug Gale and am new to the board. I ran 510's in high school and after about 40 other cars since, I recently picked up a very cherry and unmolested 1969 2 door 510 with a dual intercooled SR20. Crazy fast with almost 350 RWHP and the car has a show quality finish! Amazing bump from the 96hp we had back in the day!

I also run track events here in NorCal. Thinking it might be fun to gather a large group of 510's, 240's, with a splash of BMW 2002's, and have a track day here at Thunderhill Raceway in September. Sept 22/23 to be exact. Any moderators or members interested? I'm the guy to arrange it!

I'm also into muscle cars and I have a few street legal and non-street legal cars. Spec Miatas, and GTL class Porsche 911's.

One thing I do need from someone in the 510 community is a cherry condition 1969 glove box door. This is the one item on my car that I'd like to replace because it has a crack just below the push button to open the door. This is a sweep style speedo car so the later doors won't work. It has to be the door for a 68/69. If any of you know of anyone with one, please let me know so I can reach out to them.

Think about a car show and open track event in Sept. We have plenty of time to start planning it.


Doug Gale

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Sacramento New Guy

Post by MichaelnIC » 24 Jul 2018 18:15

Welcome Jason is a cool guy and his car was really clean. We plan to start having Sacramento meets next month. You should stop by.

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