Hello from Portugal!

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Hello from Portugal!

Post by NunoTT » 13 Feb 2019 04:31


I'm 19 and a proud owner of a 4 door 510! Me and my father bought it last year (it was going to a junkyard) and we decided to keep it. It sat for 8 years. 100% rust free and in great shape! It only has a smashed door, since a bike fell on it...

I already went trough the brake and cutch system, and now I'm going to install two Weber 40's on it, since I couldn't find a rebuild kit for the old Nikki carb. But I'll get into more detail about the Weber's on another post 8)

I can't wait to get it back on the road!!



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Re: Hello from Portugal!

Post by Byron510 » 13 Feb 2019 05:29

Welcome to the Realm. We have a couple guys here from Portugal.
We’d love to see some photos of your project, am sure glad you were able to save it from being crushed and made into rebar.
We look forward to your updates and photos, welcome to the site.

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Re: Hello from Portugal!

Post by KiKiIchiBan » 14 Feb 2019 12:43

Hi Nuno, welcome.
My Bluebird SSS Coupe #25

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