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I've had my '71 510 for about 8 years now. Purchased as a shell with parts in boxes. Previous owner recklessly tore it apart, cut wires, screwed up a lot of things. I have been packing it to and from 4 different storage places, doing a little at a time, refusing to sell or lose interest.

Finally, my brother-in-law (who just retired after 20 years working as a GM repair technician in Anchorage, AK) offered his help and inspired me to get the project "functioning" and "usable." I want to use it as a daily driver on my 45 mile round-trip commute to and from work, or take it anywhere I feel like driving.

I am hoping to connect with and learn from those that have already learned the hard way. This is my first Datsun (lots of Mustangs, VW bugs, Dirt track racing in past).

Here is what we have COMPLETED so far:
Engine (rebuilt stock L20B), 5 spd Tranny ('80ZX), drive shaft, rear end and suspension (stock) all installed.
Brakes rebuilt, New clutch, master & slave, and lines installed.
New aluminum radiator with 2 electric "pusher" fans
Weber carb
Rear mounted battery, new starter

We have fired it up. It runs under it's own power. Took it for a "down the lane and back" test drive.

This is what NEEDS TO BE DONE before I can start driving it (and I am sure the list will never end after that):
Wiring (what a mess...): Headlights, taillights, heater, wiper motor & rebuild linkage,
Seats installed
Front grill

My goal is to keep it pretty close to stock w/ minor upgrades.

Spencer (spj)

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Looks like you are off to a great start!
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When you get your wires sorted. Use split wiring harness coverings. Looks great and you can still pull it open to get at any wires.

Like the blue wires around the front of the valve cover. I had a set of blue NGK from a 280zx and did the same thing.
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I've already gotten a great amount of help through links of articles and member's postings. Looking forward to eventually connecting with members through events.

I am figuring out how to navigate and find my way around this site. Figuring out how to add images, locate and tag sources offered for future referencing.
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