what insurance do you guys use?

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Re: what insurance do you guys use?

Post by Wagonfan » 21 Aug 2012 08:22

Another method to get extra insurance on a car is to use the 'Excess Special Equipment Endorsement'. This is optional insurance that is designed to cover expensive stereos or paint finishes etc. ("All permanently attached equipment (including custom paint finishe) if not supplied by or available from the vehicle manufacturer") Best of all, the first $5,000 worth of coverage is free! You need original receipts for anything you want to insure however. In my case, I had receipts for the engine, headers, new springs, triple-core rad etc. When I got hit they pulled out the forms to crush my car and I pulled out this optional insurance and they spent $7,000 fixing it... :-)
As for private insurance, I just got my car evaluated for $8,000 here in Ontario so, in some ways, working the ICBC system can be better. Under private insurance, it is based purely on market value and these cars are very rare but still not valued for all the work we put into them...
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Re: what insurance do you guys use?

Post by Techromancer » 22 Aug 2012 17:08

The ICBC website makes it sound like you can only get this if you have more than $5000 of equipment...

http://www.icbc.com/autoplan/optional/v ... -equipment

I'll have to dig through the receipts that came with the car to see what I have documented.

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