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General Discussion about the 510 Club of BC
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Post by Turn7 » 19 Mar 2005 22:26

I 'll have to look the title.. we must have stole it fom you at the time. I remember Keyboarding an article for Noel at the time. With my poor typing and Word Perfect the $*&#'s for Formating. Noel was cursing away proclaiming his dislike of computers... anyway, enough reminiscing.

Was that Jim . the then President of the CAC.. I was a member for awhile before going back to the BCMA.

I do have most of the newsletters. Let's get together and we can review.. I know there ar a few that I am missing. maybe we can trade/ get them copied.

Before I forget..have you bought fuel yet?

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Post by bertvorgon » 20 Mar 2005 07:42

Morning Brent,
The president at the time was Dave Barrie. I remember Noel cursing the whole computer thing. When I look back, the evolution of club news letters has come a long way. From typing and Gestetner machines, to full blown, quality color. When Jackie and Roger got the first XT computer, we thought that was a huge jump into the future. The other day, I took an XT, a 286, a 386, and a 486, plus monitors and key boards to the recyclers. A mountain of obsolesence!
I am in the process of figuring out the whole fuel thing right now. There are a couple of options Not going to be cheap this year. NOTE!!! For all of you out there reading this, make sure you can run on pump gas! A high compression motor may be great for bragging rights, but, the reality of the proper fuel needed to make it run...and live, can be a real, expensive hassle.
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Post by 510rob » 20 Mar 2005 13:47

Bertski Vorgon wrote:The other day, I took an XT, a 286, a 386, and a 486, plus monitors and key boards to the recyclers.
Rimski Vorgon wrote:XT Computing Machine is good even for making many computational calculations for gazoline car that will go very very fast, then needing so much stopping by our Vorgon Decellerator, powered by such advanced machines like computer XT and sometime in future, ahhh, you know, maybe even some of those American 286 machines for twin turbo model of Decellerator.
oh yeah, where is the recycling facility for computers? I have some old stuff like that to dispose of too...

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Post by supersportsedan » 25 Mar 2005 02:41

Soooooo... who hasn't got their hands on a 510 club of BC T-shirt? They're going fast and I can count the XL's and M's on one hand! Large is also available but limited quantites. As soon as these sell out, I'll make some more!

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Post by rnorrish » 25 Mar 2005 03:35

I'll snag one, but I won't be in BC until May.... so I guess I'll be good for round 2?
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