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My Long Lost 510

Posted: 16 Jul 2014 12:02
by Gandalf
Hello everybody. Going for a real long shot here. Back in 71 I bought my first car - a brand new orange 71 510 2dr 4 spd. I sold it in 77 in Winnipeg and never saw it again. By then it was a metalflake orange with black trim around the window frames and taillights. The most distinguishing feature then was a Smiths barrel tack on top of the dash (same as the Volvo 142E had at the time). The serial number was 216049. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures. I wonder if anybody knows if it is still alive.

Re: My Long Lost 510

Posted: 18 Jul 2014 19:08
by Robb
Cant you ask transport Canada if its still around ?