Coffees & Datsun & a view?

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Coffees & Datsun & a view?

Post by nawslew » 03 Nov 2014 17:43

Would anyone on the island be interested in a meet? I'd love to poke around and see some of the local cars and meet some faces!
I was thinking near the end of november, and meeting someplace with a view? MT Doug has a pretty decent sized lot? Coffee's, datsuns, and a view!

Im new to the island though, so if anyone else has suggestions, suggest away!
Im not aware of any regular, once a month style get together for the community, but there definitely should be!


If there is already a meet, forgive my ignorance, but let me know when and where and ill be there.haha


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Re: Coffees & Datsun & a view?

Post by datzenmike » 03 Nov 2014 21:02

I know this will sound.... odd, but I don't drive my Datsuns in the winter, in fact I only license the goon for 3 months so I can go to Canby. Maybe something from June on? The remains of the V.I.D.E Vancouver Island Datsun Enthusiasts are around Vic. look them up.
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