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Lorco Flyer - Oct. & Nov. 06

Posted: 27 Oct 2006 00:12
by rnorrish
for the local BC guys, I noticed in the newest flyer a few things for us Datsun/Nissan guys - something you don't normally see everyday.

Firdanza Flywheels:
Nissan SR20DET RWD Aluminun Flywheel - $409.99
Nissan K-Series Aluminum Flywheel - $364.99
(I'm guessing it's for a KA - name me another Nissan motor that uses a K designation...)

and to go with it...

ACT Clutches
Nissan S13 K-series 240SX HD Clutch - $399.99
Nissan S14 K-series 240SX HD Clutch - $414.99
Nissan Sylvia (JDM Spec) SR20DET RWD HD Clutch - $434.99

and while you're at it, dropping $$$$ at Lordco (???):

AEM Electronic Boost Contoller/Gauge Combo - $324.99
AEM Wide Band 02 Controller/Gauge Combo - $314.99

psst... all prices would be CDN$

Alright, so there's nothing Datsun related. Except maybe the Wide Band.

RE: Lorco Flyer - Oct. & Nov. 06

Posted: 27 Oct 2006 00:17
by rnorrish
So if the AEM site list the price for the Wide Band at $349.41 (US$?), this is actually a good deal then, right? But is it a good product? Anyone?

RE: Lorco Flyer - Oct. & Nov. 06

Posted: 27 Oct 2006 06:07
by bertvorgon
I paid about 400.00 CDN to get my INNOVATE up here, so, 349 is in the ball park, thats virtually 400 CDN right now. Looks ok, very similar to my readout, Rob, will likely comment on this, as he seems very familiar with this stuff. That would be a good bargain at 314 CDN.

RE: Lorco Flyer - Oct. & Nov. 06

Posted: 27 Oct 2006 21:29
by 510rob
There is a long-standing debate about the various methods used to calibrate wideband sensor systems and which method is best. In my opinion, the method employed by the Innovate products is much better than the method employed by the AEM products.

AEM rely on the laser-trimmed calibration resistor embedded in the sensor's connector. OEM applications do this as well, but many of the OEM systems also employ some method for verification of sensor calibration (essentially a sensor recalibration) under decelleration conditions. The AEM units can not do this.

On the other hand, the Innovate units allow you to perform a free-air sensor calibration whenever you want (with the push of a button). Sometimes, recalibration is inappropriate, but other times it is just a good idea!

If you want to read about it in more detail, read this (focus on the posts from klatinn, as he's the VP of engineering at Innovate) ... php?t=1627

I see the AEM is a good price, and I'm sure it works fine, but I am a nerd, and I would still pay more for an Innovate unit!

RE: Lorco Flyer - Oct. & Nov. 06

Posted: 27 Oct 2006 23:02
by rnorrish
I guess the question is, what does Lordco sell the Innovate ones for?
Both them and Mopac are listed dealers - I wonder which would undercut the other more?

I actually read the whole post - boy does it get technical by the end. Enough to have me convinced to buy the Innovate one when the time comes.

Not to mention, 2-3 users here use the Innovate, making it easy for asking questions.

RE: Lorco Flyer - Oct. & Nov. 06

Posted: 27 Oct 2006 23:45
by rnorrish ... 262&page=1
so I guess this would be the equivalent to the AEM...
for $50US more (comparing website list prices), it seems like it would be worth it.

time to reread Keith's install post....