Something from the "wayback machine" for 510 club

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Something from the "wayback machine" for 510 club

Post by jason » 01 Feb 2007 11:09

Somehow I picked up this link earlier last year and went hmm.... ... 10main.htm

Interesting stuff!

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RE: Something from the "wayback machine" for 510 c

Post by 510Freak » 02 Feb 2007 00:20

Wow that was that long ago gee.I have some 35mm shots of that(was not in the pewter stuff then)(hmm still not into it )Right Keith.

Kool we have to log in to post now(hopefully this will stop the Ring )

But still get the hacking attempt when try to post a smiley (other than preview)

Have to be LOGGED to post :shock: :P

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