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510 Club of BC Information

Post by 5teN » 30 Jan 2008 15:53

The 510 Club of BC is a non-profit car club for owners and/or enthusiasts of the Datsun 510 automobile. Although the club is based in the Lower Mainland there are members on Vancouver Island, in the Okanagan and even a few from other parts of the World. The membership is open to any Datsun/Nissan supporter, whether or not an actual car-owner. The majority of members own modified or race prepared cars, but we do have a few proud owners with totally original, preserved cars.

Our monthly meetings are held at 7pm on the second Saturday of each month at a club member’s home. The details are published in the previous month’s newsletter and on the clubs website. Guests are more than welcome to attend. Not only do we take part in various automotive activities, such as rallies, racing, car shows but also BBQ’s, dinners and parties as the social aspects are of equal importance to most members.

As a member you will receive a monthly newsletter in which meetings, reports, upcoming events, how-to and tech articles, photographs and classified items are featured. All members are welcome, and encouraged to add any articles, photos, or opinions to the newsletter. Instead of a regular newsletter in December and January, you will receive our annual 510 Club calendar featuring members 510’s and club events.

The annual membership fee is $40.00; this includes the monthly newsletter, the 510 club calendar and a discount card for select locations such as Lordco Auto Parts and Southside Nissan. Free food and drinks are also available to members at selected events, most notably our annual general meeting and Christmas party.

To become a member send a PM to Byron510 with the following information. He will contact you with payment details.

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Phone 2:

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