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Re: LS1 510

Post by 510six » 13 Aug 2009 04:11

I would also strongly suggest putting the LS1 in a 240-280z, I just took a several hour ride in a friends 75 LS1 280z and it was a well mannered and very fast car that delivered 26-27 mpg with the T56. If your looking at drag racing, the S30 chassis is far better suited to it than the 510 's rear trailing arms which tend to toe out and scrub speed off of the tires, the z cars A arms hold the tires with a larger contact patch and provide better launches. Plus, even with fender flares a 24.5x 13x 7" wide slick is the largest that can be fit under a flared 510 wheel well, a stock S30 will accept a 9" slick.

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Re: LS1 510

Post by Ramiro911 » 13 Aug 2009 08:27

Interesting. But i wouldn't plan on getting flared 510 wheel well. I personally dont like the look. I would rather cut the wheel wells and and make them bigger but i can only go so far before having to relocate the gas tank.

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