HL510 brake upgrades?

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HL510 brake upgrades?

Post by rotten » 03 May 2004 23:26

I'm trying to figure out a brake upgrade for my HL 510 rally car.

I'm pretty sure the Z car rotors will bolt right up, I tried the Toyota 4x4 Calipers (4 Piston), they didn't bolt up like they do on the PL--does that mean that if I order the Volvo 240 calipers they probably won't bolt up either?

Anyone been able to upgrade their HL's brakes?

Also I broke the strut, control arm and radius rod last weekend, going to try putting on the PL510 African Safari strut assembly that I purchased a while back--anyyone know what brakes may be able to fit on those (don't think it is different, but may be).


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