I thought this only happened to other people...

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I thought this only happened to other people...

Post by Byron510 » 05 May 2004 20:22

Yep, my wife drove into a little privately owned gas station on Scott Rd yesterday and paid to have her car filled up. She paid the jockey and drove away. She made it about 1 km before the car dies...on the Putello Bridge, right in the middle before the crest. As any of you whom live and drive in Vancouver would know, this is the second most dangerous place to have a break down anywhere in the lower mainland - next to the Dees tunnel! Anyways, it turns out that this young idiot pumped her car full of Diesel!! GREAT. The worst part is my wife is stuck, on a 4 lane bridge that's really narrow, in rush hour traffic, and there's drivers yelling at her, fingering her, swearing at her ect ect ect. Poor girl. The bright side is that a good samaritan drove up, offer to push the car off the bridge with his own car, and he even drove her home! That's cool. Helps restore the faith in humanity that the fingering, yelling and swearing types lost.
The fix wasn't too bad. Drain Fuel. Manually pump lines clear. Remove plugs, disconnect distributor and turn over car till diesel is out of float bowl. Put in gas and purge system, re-install plugs and ignition. Then start the car and make all the neibours wonder what the hell you are doing with the car and why is it smoking so much!!! It went away after a while. Needless to say, I then drove the car back to the offending station. This, I thought, would be the end of the story. But it gets better. The attendant did exchange my diesel, in really dirty buckets, for the same value in gas, and pumped it into the car. Then I said to the jockey that I needed the pails back. To give a little background info here - I used these buckets at work to dispose of the sludge in our pressure wash pit, and they were full of dirt/oil/grime/sand ect. Well, the jockey took the buckets over to the tank filling cap, and dumped it all back into the underground tanks! I couldn't believe it. This mix of diesel, gasoline, grease/dirt/slime/sand and any other impurities was going right back into the tank to be sold to the next poor sucker! So bottom line, don't go to Super Gas on Scott Rd. near the Scott Rd Skytrain Station, your car isn't worth it! And it wouldn’t hurt to keep a close eye on the kid pumping your gas!


Post by 10K_plus » 05 May 2004 20:38

Yup super gas sux as well as the one by The hollywood Hotel on King Jorge Hwy. I swear they do the same thing with their gas. I used my jeep for work and was forced to fill up there. I just put 5 bucks in so I can get back to the shop and there must have been leaves, piss and who knows what else in the so called 'gas' It almost killed the poor jeep I couldn't even go 2 blocks without it dying. Had to do a serious clean as well. and it sux. Sorry to hear about that eh and I hope it all works out.

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Post by 68Datsun510 » 05 May 2004 21:31

Shoulda made him drink a bit of it..., "See!, U like it! Neither does my car!"
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Post by turbo510sss » 05 May 2004 22:16

Well at least your wife didn't do it I saw a lady the other day put diesel in her car and some guy told her it was diesel and all she could say was I know what I am doing. so he let her be next thing we know it the car was smoking and off she went. Don't know how far she got but all we know is ther was diesel in her car when their should have been regular.

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Post by 510rob » 05 May 2004 23:06

I bought one tank of Super Save "regular" years ago and afterwards, my car ran like absolute S H I T, and I'm talkin' reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllly bad. This was my 87' Tercel (most of the 510 club called it the turtle - bastards!) that would almost run on a combination of water and the gas fumes wafting over from the next car... anyway, with this bad gas, I had to pussy-foot the accelerator pedal for what seemed like forever (getting 42mpg sucked that week!!!), and finally I went back to the station when I clued in to the likely problem causing my car to run like S H I T. I asked the jockey what octane the gas was, "Oh, I think its about 85 or 86 octane..." What the hell??? Needless to say, it's not worth wrecking your car to save a few pennies...

Byron, your story is awesome; think of all their customers driving brand new Cummins Dodges and International Fords and Isuzu GMs that will be pumped full of your sludge through their trucks, and the possible warranty claims these guys will cause from this kind of disregard for procedures and diligence. Think of the cost to our general society that shitheads like those "Super Save" guys end up costing everyone... friggin' leaches!!! GRRRRRRR...

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Post by caesarDX » 05 May 2004 23:17

best gas?

Ding ding .... chevron ...your town pump.
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Post by Byron510 » 06 May 2004 06:49

Actually, this wasn't even a Super Save Gas, just Super Gas, the save part was taken off, so I guess these guys didn't even make Super Saves low standards!!
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Post by bertvorgon » 06 May 2004 06:52

Wait till they put gas in some poor smucks diesel!
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Post by ajen68510 » 06 May 2004 07:02

Byron510 wrote:Actually, this wasn't even a Super Save Gas, just Super Gas, the save part was taken off, so I guess these guys didn't even make Super Saves low standards!!
ahh but thats because SUPER SAVE collects garbage now and don't pump gas ! :lol: I feel for you wife, that suckes. I have had to do a few wifely rescues myself, but none as stoopid as that.

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Post by pokey » 06 May 2004 07:41

Aren't the nozzles different sizes? Like unleaded and leaded (leaded being too big to fit in the filler restrictor of unleaded vehicles)

I could excuse this if she pulled up in a VW TDI, and he screwed up, but something with a carb? Unless you haven't been keeping it in tune and the car smokes real bad... :wink:
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