Oil pressure after rebuild

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Oil pressure after rebuild

Post by Unlimitedpower » 15 Oct 2015 00:45

Well i finally decided to fill my engine up with oil today.
Engine is still up on the engine stand,
Engine is a L14 has a brand new L28ET oil pump on it,

So i primed the oil pump and bolted it in place checking dizzy drive position,

I have turned the engine over many many times by hand with a socket on the front pulley, I am looking for oil to flow through the cam shaft but it never came though, So i unscrewed the oil pressure sender fitting to see if oil would flow from the block.
Nothing would come out of that port,

So next i pulled pump and it was still fill to the brim with oil. So i put it back on.

I then unscrewed the oil filter and oil went everywhere all over my floor. So i know at least that the pump has picked up oil and started to move it round,

Am i just turning the engine over to slowly with a socket and a ratchet???

I would love to be able to prove that i have oil flowing fully round my engine before i put it in the car,

I do have the option of dropping the engine off the stand and bolting a bell housing to it, The i can fit up the starter motor and turn it over with that.
Does anyone think that this is what i will have to do to get engine spinning quick enough to move the oil round?

Any ideas or advice will be much appreciated,



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Re: Oil pressure after rebuild

Post by James » 15 Oct 2015 04:52

L!4 - where are you located? You can remove the distributor drive spindle and connect a modified rod to a drill to prime the pump at a much faster speed - will probably work much better.
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Re: Oil pressure after rebuild

Post by bertvorgon » 15 Oct 2015 05:14

As James said that is the best way to prime a motor.

There is no way by hand cranking you will get flow, specially up to the camshaft.

Just as an FYI, after my L series sits for over a month, and I go to start it, it takes quite a few seconds even at a good cranking speed for oil pressure to register on my gauge.
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Re: Oil pressure after rebuild

Post by okayfine » 15 Oct 2015 06:01

James' method is the way to go, but remember to spin your drill counterclockwise to generate oil pressure. You basically need a very long, flat-head screwdriver blade. Blade end into the oil pump through the timing cover. Bit messy, but a piece of cake.
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Re: Oil pressure after rebuild

Post by Doctor510 » 16 Oct 2015 11:15

Oil pump primed and installed along with the distributor. Take the spark plugs out, remove the valve cover, using a remote stater switch, let the starter spin the motor until it squirts oil out of the cam or spray bar. If you have a mechanical fuel pump, the carb will get filled up so it will start right away if everything else is OK. I've been doing this for 40 years and never made a mess, AND it impresses the crap out your customers.

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