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dash cam

Post by RMS » 22 Apr 2016 14:13

living and driving in Richmond BC has taught me many driving skills associated with accident avoidance, spotting potential near misses and how to spot an unskilled driver. no Im not talking about looking for a C pasted to their bumper.... :wink:

such skills are very good but I am still leaving myself open to scammers and people who cant park.
after an incident back in December (that I don't want to talk about) I went and ordered a dash cam.
I went with the Spy Tec G1W Full HD 1080P H.264 Car DVR https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00JJ3L84G/ref ... 20_TE_dp_1

this thing is great and the best thing is I find guys don't mess around as much once they notice Im supporting a camera.
I told my guy at the insurance place that I got a cam. he said it is the best thing to do. he then told me that hood flop scams (stop at crosswalk ped falls on your hood then to the ground witnesses say you hit hit them) are on the rise as well as team short brakes (one car cuts off second car, second car stops short, you plow into bumper).

the best thing about the spytec g1 is it uses a micro sd card that is easy to remove and destroy if your messing about. :mrgreen:
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Re: dash cam

Post by Colbino » 23 Apr 2016 10:28

That's cool. I didn't expect them to be so affordable. They're ubiquitous in "the mother land," and by watching their videos I see why.

I personally would like to have one but mount it somewhere other then my windshield. Possibly behind the grill or in the hi-beam housing as I'm not running a light there. I would think I'd need something more robust and weather sealed though. Maybe a GoPro with the under water housing?

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