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RIP Kenichi Yamamoto, Father of the Mazda Rotary Engine, 1922-2017

Posted: 31 Dec 2017 10:25
by Byron510
In the 80's long before SR's were even a sparkle in any young engineers eyes, and when FJ's in NA or Turbo form were rare as hens teeth, the 510 platform was already being repowered. Many have read about Bryan Feldman's yellow show car built in the 80's, but in reality there were many true performance cars already being pounded on both on the road and on the track. I can remember peripheral port rotaries in 510's at Westwood, and a number of street cars locally here in Vancouver, so of which then were turbocharged making them real killer rocket piloted by the brave few who dared on the somewhat subjective street tires that were available at the time!

Anyways, I felt that this article - although not Datsun - was relevant being that the Mazda Rotary engine was the first true popular big HP transplant engine into the 510's and it's a great send off to Mr. Kenichi Yamamoto. Hope you enjoy. ... ary-engine