Fate of the Zombie today?

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Fate of the Zombie today?

Post by Byron510 » 21 Nov 2019 00:37

Just watched a Netflix episode of Fastest Car Ep7 - featuring a ridiculous coal roller, an 800hp RX2, a Lamborghini and Johns EV White Zombie 1200.
The ending sucked, with the 1200 and the RX2 coming together not that far down the track in a drag race. Both cars bent, both drivers ok.
The RX2 was all original body, even original paint - really hurt to see it. But I found that a number of people pitched in, a go fund me page was started and 2 years later the car is fixed very well. No longer “Original”, big once again beautiful.
So... what’s happened to the 1200? Since 2017, I can’t find anything on the car.
I don’t know John, but I’ve seen him on lots of film and in print over the years.... no doubt he’s a character and he seems to thrive under a camera - regardless of your opinion.
But I’m more curious about the car. Anyone know more or have photos? Did it get pushed into a pasture, or just get parked? Or did it get repaired and morph into something else? Just curious.

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Re: Fate of the Zombie today?

Post by icehouse » 21 Nov 2019 10:04

It was repaired. I attend the Electric car club in seattle from time to time. They gave him my email to try and help him find parts. Turns out the 1200 comunitty is pretty burnt out on him. So I wasn't able to get any parts for him. He did get if fixed. He normally has a driver and now I know why.
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Re: Fate of the Zombie today?

Post by qwik510 » 21 Nov 2019 17:56

He showed up at Canby in 2017 when I was there. He didn’t stay long. He was pissed off about where he was told to park for the show. I say the car for a minute. Then it was gone.
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