mad-max car

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mad-max car

Post by jovial_cynic » 31 Mar 2004 10:57

so, having basically finished my white 510 (i just need to start working on the cosmetic stuff), i'm almost at a point where i can start a new project. i've got ol' rusty, which is my parts-510 that i've nearly stripped clean, but it's got enough stuff in it to start working towards a mad-max kind of car.

i was considering keeping the rear crossmember/suspension setup, as well as the drive train, and getting my hands on any L-series motor. since i'll be building the body up from scratch, i can even use the 6-cylinder L-series motors without worrying about it fitting. as far as steering, i'll probably see about some rack & pinion setups. and since i won't be using the unibody chassis, i'll probably have to build up a frame.

it's a giant project, and i'm not positive i'll actually do it, but it's a thought.
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