521 pickup voltage regulator swap

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521 pickup voltage regulator swap

Post by Slideways » 18 Dec 2009 12:33

How do I convert 6 wires to 4 wires in a regulator swap?!? Truck runs great but won't charge the battery. Apparently I didn't get the wiring right when I put in this after-market voltage regulator. It's a 71/72 datsun 521 pickup with the L16 in it. I've searched and searched the net for a week straight now, come up with barely any ideas, and no solution. Any help or ideas that you fine people may have would be HIGHLY appreciated!

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Re: 521 pickup voltage regulator swap

Post by okayfine » 18 Dec 2009 12:44

You shouldn't have to convert or rewire anything. Voltage regulator is external and should be plug 'n play. Since that doesn't seem to be the case, maybe give us some more detail. FWIW, 510 voltage regualtors are 6-wire. Are 521 voltage regualtors 4 wires?

If that's the case, you might have to get friendly with a couple wiring diagrams.
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Re: 521 pickup voltage regulator swap

Post by datzenmike » 18 Dec 2009 13:22

The 521 regulator terminal wires are these colors:

E... Black
N... Yellow
F... White/Black stripe
A... White
Ig... Black/White stripe* NOTE: the 510 Ig. Is White/Blue stripe?
L... White/Red stripe

The harness plug may have changed over the years.
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