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Re: Barney

Post by icehouse » 06 Jul 2015 17:04

okayfine wrote:...I'm reminded of why I have chosen to modify stock cars in the past.

HAHA I've worked on a bunch of cars like that!!!
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Re: Barney

Post by dodgydan » 16 Apr 2016 11:39

whats happening with the old girl? anything new for this year?
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Re: Barney

Post by okayfine » 16 Apr 2016 17:23

I have proven it is possible to not do anything on a project AND have it regress from where I left it. I haven't touched it in months, and the battery is dead. It had gotten baked a bunch sitting next to the SBC before I got it and put up a tent of reflective barrier, but the damage had been done and redone.

I still have, sitting in the garage so I see it every time I'm in there, front coilovers (to replace the MII aftermarket airbags) and new rear leafs, hangers, shocks, etc. Still to go on. I also changed jobs a while back; now that I have to actually roll into work (worked at home the last six years, major part of the reason I could build the 3-wheeler), it's taken a massive bite out of my project time.

Been doing lots of welding projects for the house and neighbor's rustic wood business, but not much in the way of mechanicals. I miss 510s.
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