620 KC project

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620 KC project

Post by Edm620 » 09 May 2018 08:12

Finally got to pick up my '76 620 project truck and have begun the process of stripping it down. I have also bought a '86 720 that will donate it's chassis for upgraded front suspension including disc brakes. Still tossing about ideas for the engine, the 620 has L20 + 4 speed, the 720 has naps-z2.4 + 5 speed. Will get both trucks stripped down before needing to make decision on what to do for the engine. I need to keep on a fairly tight budget at least for the initial build.

Definitely have some rust repair to do, rust around some of the cab mounts but still fairly solid. Sunroof will either need to be replaced or filled in, I'm leaning to keeping a sunroof but a larger size.
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