610 coupe restoration

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Post by 1600dave » 17 Dec 2007 03:28

oldtransamdriver wrote: My in-laws live in Adelaide where it is hot and dry. What part of "Oz" do you live in.
I'm in Newcastle, a few hours drive north of Sydney. That's round 1600 klms, or 1000 miles from Adelaide.

I've never been to Adelaide, so can't comment on the weather there, but Newcastle is much further north (closer to the tropics) and is right on the coast. The 610's previous owner lived in a beachfront house - I'm guessing the salt spray in the air helped accelerate the rust.
Byron510 wrote:How available would the bumpers be from a car like yours?
Fairly readily available - more so than 510 stuff nowadays (I've got a pair of 510's and they are much harder to get body panels for). In Australia we got the coupe, 4 door sedans and wagons in the 610 range, selling from 1972 through to late 1976 / maybe very early 1977 ?

They were a fairly popular car, so can be found occasionally at wreckers yards. I got a pair of near perfect bumpers for my project for something like $60 each.

Nice work on your 510 as well !!

I don't mind doing the bodywork. Part of the enjoyment of old cars for me is restoring them. And its helped spread the cost out over a few years as I've been slowly accumulating the parts I need for the mechanical side of things while I do the rust :roll:

And in response to all the PM's I got enquiring about selling the L18 efi manifold, I'll drag it out on the weekend and see if I want to part with it - if so, I'll probably throw it on eBay.
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Post by Byron510 » 19 Dec 2007 21:57

Cool work Dave,

Keep us posted on your progress. Many projects tend to be spread over a lot of time. As long as progress continues, all is good.
Look forward to your next installment, thnaks for posting here on our site, and thinks for the kind words.
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